Seed Forum Global investors

Seed Forum Global investors currently consists of more than 12.000 unique investors from more than 40 countries who are continuously invited to take part in Seed Forum investor forums and Seed Forum evening receptions in respective Seed Forum destination depending on the geographical location of the investor and available information of investment strategy. Local Seed Forums is an opportunity for investors resident in a geographical region to meet and interact. Please send an email to if you would like to receive invitations to various Seed Forums as an investor.


Seed Forum Business Angel networks

A Business Angel is the definition of a private investor with available money for investment, available time and available competence. Business Angels are also referred to as Smart Money. Seed Forum is the originator and secretariat of a variety of Business Angel Networks in various countries. A membership in a local or national Seed Forum business angel network is connected with participation in Seed Forum regional or national investor forums. The annual membership fee for participation in a Seed Forum local or national Business Angel network depends on the country of residence. Please send an email to if you would like to know more about Seed Forum Business Angel Networks.


Seed Forum partners

Seed Forum partners are general partners, main partners and event partners depending on the content of the partnership. Partnerships can be mutual or with economic contribution and includes marketing, access to companies, investors and nominators in the Seed Forum process as well as hosting of various Seed Forum activities. Seed Forum partners meet regularly in various Seed Forum activities. Please send an email to if you would like to become a Seed Forum partner.

Seed Forum alumni

All who have been pitching a company in Seed Forum are automatically appointed a personal member of the Seed Forum alumni network. This is a global network currently with more than 1000 entrepreneurs and executives originating from more than 25 countries. Seed Forum alumni is a separate network affiliated with Seed Forum International Foundation and is currently referred to as one of the most extensive networks of executives in the world. A general membership in the Seed Forum alumni network is free of charge and includes a variety of advantages, and a VIP payable membership includes an even broader range of advantages. Please send an email to if you would like to know more about the VIP Seed Forum alumni membership.


Seed Forum nominators

Seed Forum nominators is a network of more than 2000 nominators in more than 40 countries. A nominator is recognized by Seed Forum as a key-person in the innovation system with information about companies with a need for private equity investment. A member of Seed Forum nominators continuously received invitations to nominate companies to the Seed Forum educational process for investor readiness, and many nominators are also regularly coaches in Seed Forum pitchtrainings. Please send an email to if you would like to be appointed as a Seed Forum nominator.


Seed Forum Sarajevo autumn 2013 in the Parliament of Bosnia-Herzegovina


Gedas Stankevičius , CEO & Founder, GS-TRAILERS

Our team would highly recommend Seed Forum not only as a place to get investments but also as a place to gain world class pitch training experience. Seed forum is a great place to establish high end valued network between investors, mentors and significant growth potential having companies.Special attribute about this organization is that once you in, you are capable to participate in every Seed Forum event around the world, at the same time improving your pitching skill, growing your business network, getting valuable feedbacks and comments on your business from the best out of the best business people in the world.

Thank you for amazing experience and looking forward to be a part of future Seed Forum events!